2021/10/1315:00 -16:00 CST (UTC/GMT: +08:00)

[Southeast Asia / Australia Session] Achieving Security-efficiency Balance in the Post-pandemic Era

Business face new challenges in the post-pandemic era. Remote work is preferred in many cases, and the number of edge devices is growing. As businesses transition to online work, they’re finding that efficient cloud-based remote management, and edge security solutions to prevent threats such as B.S.O.D (Blue Screen Of Death) or ransomware attacks are more important than ever. Furthermore, the requirements for real-time interaction and low latency are ever-growing, and ultra-high-performance SSD and DRAM solutions will take center stage.

Join us to see how Apacer is helping customers find an ideal balance between security and efficiency. We will be taking a deeper dive into these topics with our webinar.

This will be useful for those who wish to learn more about:

‧ Simple and efficient ways to adopt cloud solutions for remote monitoring
‧ Edge security including backup and recovery functions for SSDs
‧ Apacer’s latest innovations, including DDR5, PCIe 4.0 and BiCS5

Webinar Time:
14:00 Local Indonesia / Thailand / Vietnam Time (GMT+7)
15:00 Local Taiwan / Philippines / Malaysia / Singapore Time (GMT+8)
17:00 Local Australia (Canberra) Time (GMT+10)

* Everyone who participates in the webinar until the end and fills out a post-event questionnaire afterwards will have a chance to enter Apacer’s Lucky Draw!

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