PCIe BGA Gen3 x4 SSD PV920-μSSD

The smallest and fastest industrial PCIe BGA SSD. The first choice for 5G and miniaturized smart applications

Theme Pavilion
  1. 5G High Performance
    • The smallest and fastest industrial PCIe BGA SSD, maximum theoretical speed up to 4GB/s
    • PCIe3.0 Gen3 x4 compliant with NVMe1.4
    • 16X20 BGA SSD, continuous read/write speed up to 1400/1200 MB/s
    • Adopts advanced LDPC ECC engine with 3D NAND flash memory to improve reliability
    • Industrial-grade wide-temperature 3D TLC NAND solution, COB high performance SSD
    • High-speed performance, ultra-low latency, low power consumption, high shock resistance
    • Multiple value-added hardware, software and firmware technologies to create the best data transmission and storage stability and reliability (End-to-end Data Protection, support for TCG Opal 2.0 standard AES 256 Encryption Technology, Thermal Throttling Technology… etc.)
    • SLC-Lite X
    • Signed Firmware