Patented Compact M.2 SSD with Cooling Fin

With a patented thin and light cooling fin design, this PCIe SSD solution takes into account both performance and cooling requirements

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  1. 5G High Performance
    • The best PCIe SSD solution that takes into account performance and cooling requirements
    • High-speed PCIe Gen3 x4 interface, compliant with the next-generation NVMe 1.4 specification, optimizing access performance
    • Patented thin and light heat-dissipation fin design, single-sided substrate thickness is less than 1.50 mm, in line with M.2 D5 standard
    • Compact size, high versatility, compliant with M.2 2280 specifications, no need to change the motherboard design
    • Maximizes the heat transfer area and greatly improves heat dissipation efficiency
    • Widely recognized patents: No. M606044 (Taiwan) / No. ZL202021577514.0 (China)